Outdoor Enclosure
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Operate your humidifier in any climate with our new outdoor enclosure. The pre-packaged enclosure is shipped factory-assembled with the humidifier installed. The humidifier is ready for field gas, water, electrical and steam connections upon arrival at the job site. With our curb-ready base, mounting is quick and easy.


• Factory-assembled. The outdoor enclosure ships fully tested and assembled with the humidifier pre-installed. Unit arrives ready for field gas, water, electrical and steam connections.

• Construction. The enclosure is built using aluminum modular framing and galvanized steel panels.

• Curb-ready base. Our built in curb-ready base makes for easy ground or roof curb mounting.

• Maintenance friendly design. Double doors along the entire length of the unit provide easy access to all humidifier components. Doors are hinged with key lock handles.

• Cold climate protection. For installations in cold weather climates, an optional heating system is available to keep the space at optimal operating temperatures. The enclosure ensures the humidifier will operate properly in outdoor temperatures of 30°F to°120°F (-34°C to 49°C).

• Certified. The outdoor enclosure is ETL tested and listed for use with GX Series Gas Fired Humidifiers.

Outdoor Enclosure Details:

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