"ES" Series Electric Humidifier
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The “ES” Series Electric Humidifier from PURE Humidifier Company is loaded with features and options. All you need is water, electricity, and a sanitary drain—the humidifier does the rest.

Available Models

The “ES” model works with standard water and uses a Tri-Probe assembly to maintain the water level. The “ESDDR” model is for use with Deionized, Demineralized or Reverse Osmosis water. It utilizes a stainless steel float-operated fill valve to maintain the water level and a stainless steel float-operated low water cut-off switch.

Ease of Maintenance

The unique side-entry heater assembly provides a large clean out access section without disturbing the cover or injection tube system’s steam supply piping.


Capacity range up to 306 lbs/hr with single units. Multiple humidifiers in a Master/Drone configuration allow for an unlimited system design.

INTAC® Microprocessor

The INTAC® microprocessor comes factory-mounted on the control panel door and provides industry-leading features. It comes loaded with features such as a vacuum fluorescent display, WATTCycle heater control, time-to-clean messages, on-screen “HELP” menus, full networking and BAS communications ports.


Available with basic On/Off control (+/- 5%), Time Cycle Modulation for close tolerance applications (+/- 3-4% RH), or SCR modulation for superior controllability (+/- 1-2% RH).

Dispersion Methods

Choose from straight injection tubes, Fast-Pac multiple injection tube assembly, or the Insty-Pac for short dissipation applications. Area humidification can be achieved using a remote-mounted Blower Pack assembly.

Standard ES Features

• 304 stainless steel construction
• Tri-Probe level controller
• Adjustable surface water flusher
• Motorized drain valve with brass body
• User-adjustable automatic drain system
• Seasonal End of Use drain system
• Manual reset over-temperature switch
• 80 watt per square inch incoloy immersion heaters
• INTAC® Microprocessor

Standard ESDDR Features

• 304 stainless steel construction
• Stainless steel float-operated fill valve
• Stainless steel overflow stand pipe
• Stainless steel manual ball valve drain
• Manual reset over-temperature switch
• 80 watt per square inch incoloy immersion heaters
• INTAC® Microprocessor

Optional Features

• Factory-mounted control panel
• NEMA 4 weather-tight control panel
• Control panel door lock
• Door interlock safety switch
• Support legs
• Wall brackets
• Factory-insulated reservoir
• Freeze protection
• Stand-by water temperature sensing
• Blower Pack for area humidification
• Variable Air Volume control
• Outdoor air temperature sensing
• Drain tempering kit
• Remote INTAC® microprocessor controller
• Outdoor Enclosure

“ES” Series Electric Humidifier Details:

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