GX Series

Patent No. 6,705,535

Looking for an alternative to electrically generated steam humidification? Concerned about rising electricity costs? If so, PURE’s “GX” Series Gas Fired Humidifiers are exactly what you’re looking for.

Ease of Maintenance

The unique side entry heater assembly provides a large clean out access section without disturbing the cover or injection tube system’s steam supply piping.


Capacity range up to 900 lbs/hr with single units. The humidifier controller allows multiple humidifiers to share a common control signal and operate in a lead/lag configuration to meet larger capacity requirements.

Efficient / Energy Savings

PURE’s highly efficient heat exchanger produces combustion efficiencies up to 85%, as well as providing simplified maintenance. Operating costs are significantly lower for natural gas humidifiers than for electric humidifiers almost everywhere you look in the United States and Canada.

Dispersion Methods

Choose from straight injection tubes, Fast-Pac, or the Insty-Pac multiple injection tube assembly for short dissipation applications. Blower Packs for area dispersion are also available.


The “GX” Series Gas Fired Humidifier works with standard water and uses a Tri-Probe assembly to maintain water level. The power burners can be used with either natural or propane gas.

  • 304L stainless steel construction
  • Tri-Probe water level controller
  • Adjustable surface water flusher & automatic drain system
  • Motorized drain valve with brass body
  • Seasonal End of Use Drain system
  • INTAC® PLC Controller


The “GXDDR” model is for use with Deionized, Demineralized, or Reverse Osmosis water. It utilizes a stainless steel float-operated fill valve to maintain the water level, and a stainless steel float-operated low water cutoff switch. The power burners can be used with either natural or propane gas.

  • 304L stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel float-operated fill valve
  • Stainless steel overflow stand pipe
  • Stainless steel manual ball valve drain
  • INTAC® PLC Controller

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